Need to learn more about scp but I was able to transfer an entire directory (registry_configs) of CSV files from a remote linux machine (geb@ to my Windows 10 environment with this:

scp -r geb@ C:\Users\bbartling\Desktop\testBenchVolttronMods

I have one modified CSV file I am trying to transfer back to the remote Linux instance, but I have something wrong. I keep getting a perimission denied error even with the same password I used to transfer the directory initially.

scp C:\Users\bbartling\Desktop\testBenchVolttronMods\registry_configs\29.csv geb@

This will give me an error:

scp: /var/lib/volttron/scripts/bacnet/registry_configs/29.csv: Permission denied

Any tips to try greatly appreciated. Could someone also show me how to transfer back an entire directory from my Windows 10 environment back to the Linux machine? This would almost be better than an individual file, where I could just transfer back the entire registry_configs directory overwrite all existing files on the Linux machine.

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    You probably have read permissions but not write permissions on that file on the remote host. Get write permissions and that should be fine. – 7heo.tk Mar 26 at 15:02
  • Ok so I have this correct, get write permission on the remote linux host? – HenryHub Mar 26 at 15:33
  • chmod -rwx directoryname to remove permissions? – HenryHub Mar 26 at 15:36
  • It depends who is the owner of the file. If it is you, you can, on the remote host, execute: chmod u+w /var/lib/volttron/scripts/bacnet/registry_configs/29.csv (u is for user, o for others, so don't use o) – 7heo.tk Mar 26 at 15:40

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