In the Firefox (3.6.6) Awesomebar:

? grape

searches Google* for "grape".

! grape

shows the "I'm Feeling Lucky" Google page for "grape".

With what other "special" characters can I start the Firefox address bar, and what are their functions?

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    [S] [Down] [Enter] goes to superuser.com. (Or is that just for me?) – coneslayer Jul 14 '10 at 19:27
  • Weird mine goes to sailormoon.com - Must be a bug. – theycallmemorty Jul 15 '10 at 17:29

I found this on the internets:

You can restrict the search to your history by typing ^, or bookmarks with *, or tagged pages with +. To make what you’ve typed match only in the URL type @, and for title/tags only use #.


Not quite built in actions - but if you add extra search engines to the search box and then assign them keywords you can sort of build your own special actions.

For example I just have to type in su firefox and hit enter to do a search here on SuperUser for firefox. I can also just use su to come straight here without searching.

Here's a few more examples that I use regularly(ish):

  • so (StackOverflow)
  • g (google)
  • wiki (Wikipedia)
  • wikid (Wikitonary)
  • wolf (Wolfram Alpha)

Basically hit Alt+D or Ctrl+T (whichever needed).
Type in the short code from the list and (optionally for some sites) what you want to search for.
Hit Enter.
Job done.

Unfortunately, I frequently find myself writing them in to the address bar of IE when at work....

  • Wish I'd known about this earlier, I've been using the "site" modifier (eg site:superuser.com) for ages now! – jwaddell Jul 14 '10 at 23:52

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