I'm having a problem where Chrome won't ever fully start (cursor just spins indefinitely and can't use the any menus or buttons in Chrome). I think it is due to an extension I installed but since the browser is unresponsive, I can't do anything through Chrome itself.

Is there a flag to disable all extensions for Chrome or a config file I can manually edit to disable extensions so I can figure out what exactly is causing it? I'd prefer to not have to blow it away and reinstall as I might just install the offending extension again (assuming that is what is causing the issue).


I could be wrong, but starting up in incognito mode prohibits Chrome from using extensions automatically (I think). You might be able to start with the --incognito flag and uninstall the offending extension. Let me know if that works!

  • Ah, should have thought of incognito mode. Thanks, that worked. – John Jul 15 '10 at 19:08

You can press Shift+Esc to get Task Manager in chrome, and then kill the required extension.

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