I was tried to create a virtual switch network in Hyper-V. I was select External and then select Create Virtual Switch. (Picture 1)

Under Connection Type I selected External Network, Then I select Qualcomm QCA9377 802.11ac Wireless Adaptor. (Picture 2)

After that When I tried to click on Apply button, but an error occurred that Object Not Found (Picture 3)

After this error my internet connection get lost. If I again try to connect to my Wi-Fi, I get connected to my Wi-Fi, but it shows that No Internet, even could not connect to any Wi-Fi. (Picture 4)

Now if I disable the Hyper-V from Turn Windows features on or off and restart my Laptop, again I can connect to the Wi-Fi.

Now if I try to again create a virtual switch, the same problem occurred and again I have to disable Hyper-V for use internet.

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    WiFi cannot be bridged to Ethernet. – Daniel B Mar 29 at 9:24
  • @DanielB Then how can I use Wi-Fi for access internet in my VM? I can use WiFi in VMWare or Oracle VM Box, but why not in Hyper-V ? – Sanniddha Chakrabarti Mar 29 at 9:46
  • Hyper-V on Windows 10 1709+ comes with “Default Switch”, a preconfigured Virtual Switch that uses NAT networking. Maybe that’s good enough for you? – Daniel B Mar 29 at 11:34
  • Wi-Fi can be bridged to Ethernet (the spec says so, and millions of Wi-Fi access points routinely do that) -- but Wi-Fi clients cannot act as bridges at all, no matter what they're trying to bridge to, unless they implement L2 NAT like VirtualBox does (magically rewriting the MAC addresses). I don't know if that's the reason Hyper-V doesn't allow you to use a Wi-Fi client interface for bridging, but it's very likely. – user1686 Mar 29 at 11:34
  • From what I can see in my own Hyper-V, it does not natively support USB Passthrough. It can be done, so you may wish to try a USB wireless card. nakivo.com/blog/performing-hyper-v-usb-passthrough – John Mar 29 at 11:44

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