I regularly use the Ctrl+N hotkey to launch a new file explorer window, but this new window opens 'far' from the currently open explorer window. What I prefer is that the new window open exactly overlapping the current/prior window.


Whenever you open a new file explorer window (whether you use the shortcut/hotkey or not) it will always open with the last used window settings. So an easy way to do it is:

Method 1

  1. Open a new file explorer window.
  2. Resize and position it however you prefer.
  3. Close the window (so the settings get saved as the last used settings).
  4. Open a new explorer window, and you should see it open exactly as the one you closed.
  5. If step 4 went well, use the hotkey/shortcut and it should work.

Method 2

Open a new window, right click on taskbar and click on Cascade windows, now simply use hotkey/shortcut and the new window should be right on top.

Note: I'm on Windows 10 OS and it works, so you'll have to try.

  • It often opens at the same position/size, other times not. It seems random. Guess i'll have to live with it. – ArthurG Apr 6 at 7:34
  • Well, I found another way. Having your windows with any position/size, right click on the taskbar and click on Cascade windows, it will literally put all of the opened windows in that way. After this use the hotkey/shortcut and it should work. Don't give up just yet :D. – Drakkar Apr 6 at 9:02

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