I have an RT-AC68U Asus Router. The admin password stopped working. After many unsuccessful tries, I did a factory reset.

After the reset, the router gives the following error:

error screenshot

The resource, Asus RT-AC66: Cannot Login Unless Logout Another User First, suggests using ssh if possible:

This error is usually caused by improperly closing router’s WebUI. This can occur if you are logged in and lose connectivity, or if your browser crashed.

Fortunately, the fix is simple… Assuming you have SSH enabled.

First, SSH into your router and run the two commands shown below.

admin@RT-AC66U:/tmp/home/root# nvram unset login_ip
admin@RT-AC66U:/tmp/home/root# nvram commit

However, after a factory reset, the ssh is not enabled.

The other suggestion is:

If you do not have SSH or telnet enabled, you can just power cycle your router.

I have already power-cycled the router and that did not resolve the issue.

Any thoughts?


You may need to power-cycle the router once or twice more to make sure the session token is wiped. After one, (or a few), reboots you should regain access to the web interface where you can enable ssh or telnet wo you have a workaround for the next time.

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    Yea just trying another time worked. The scientific method. – StephenBoesch Apr 10 at 3:17

It usually happens when you try to login on 2nd device while you are logged in on 1st device. so logout from the 1st device then you will be able to login

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