I want to convert every [OGV|OGG] video file Ogg data, Skeleton v3.0 I have into MP4 or WebM.

Can people please suggest a command line to do so, in order to keep the quality? Also do they need indexing or something so I can seek?

Here is my OGG based HTML5 video collection for reference. I have an 8 core machine to do this on, so I want to be able to run this video conversion command concurrently.


First, get ffmpeg, then:

For x264 encoded .mp4:

ffmpeg -i INPUT -vcodec libx264 "OUTPUT.mp4"

For VP8 .webm:

ffmpeg -i "INPUT" -vcodec libvpx -acodec libvorbis -f webm "OUTPUT.webm"

Here is a useful guide for encoding the video of the MP4.

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I came across this question when looking for the same advice. Following this process worked for me using Ubuntu 11.04:

  1. Use recordmydesktop open-source software to record a screencast. It will output a file called out.ogv but it needs to be transcoded before you can put it in Google Docs:
  2. Transcode the video to mp4: ffmpeg -i inputfile.ogv outfile.mp4 (may need to do sudo apt-get install ffmpeg first).
  3. Test it - sometimes the video and audio can get out of sync!
  4. Upload it as a file in Google Docs
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