I found this entry: Is it possible to Color-tag files in Windows 7, like in Finder on a Mac?

But unfortunately it has no solution and also I would like to go a little bit further.

Is there a way, to display/ sync the color tags from mac Finder to windows if the files are on a NAS?
For sure I would need 3rd party software. But I couldn't find any.

If there is no other way I would also install 3rd party software on mac that syncs tags on files between both os

Thank you

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There is nothing on Windows that can read Mac Finder tags - I've been looking for years (though I'd be happy to be proven wrong;)

Interestingly, If you transfer files to a Windows machine with Finder tags already attached, you can still see them from a Mac. You can also add or remove them from a Mac whilst they're on the Windows share [whether or not they're even Mac-readable files]. e.g.
enter image description here

but Windows still can't see them
enter image description here

Fairly random old file chosen for example.

I've never tried this on a NAS, only on shared Windows locations.

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