FireFox takes ('clicks') the context menu item under the mouse (if applicable) when the right mouse button is released after opening the menu on press.

As a result, I frequently accidentally navigate 'back' instead of opening the menu (visibly) at all, since I must slightly move the mouse down and to the right before releasing.

I'm developing the habit of always holding down RMB and moving to the entry I actually wanted before releasing, but I don't like it.

Is it possible to disable this behaviour, so that only LMB (or at least a second RMB click) selects an entry from the context menu?

(This is similar, but is about macOS' system context menu; I am asking about FireFox's context menu, on Linux if relevant: How to show context menu on mouse up instead of mouse down?)


Ah! This has plagued me for ages; of course I would only find the answer right after asking.. (helpfully there are also context menu config entries without the underscore..)

In about:config:


defaults to false (i.e. not after mouse-up, don't wait for it, open on mouse-down). Changing it to true fixes the issue, since the menu isn't open for mouse-up to select anything.

I still think it's weird that RMB-up acts like LMB-down if it is open, though. Within the same 'click' too.

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