I have access to the Linux account (named jupyter), but when running certain commands, it cannot utilize all of the available CPUs.  Once I switch to another user I can use all CPUs.

I use this command for tests:

for i in $(seq $(getconf _NPROCESSORS_ONLN)); do yes > /dev/null & done

I'm checking CPU load with htop.

When I run this command on user jupyter, I get a total of 98.6% CPU usage (i.e., an average of 12.3% on each of eight CPUs).

Tasks: 45, 130 thr; 9 running
Load average: 1.67 0.94 0.38
Uptime: 00:05:38
Mem[... 541M/31.4G]

htop output

      Note: text has been manually transcribed from images.

When I run this command on user test1, I get 100.0% CPU usage on each CPU.

Tasks: 49, 130 thr; 9 running
Load average: 2.29 0.65 0.24
Uptime: 00:04:27
Mem[... 552M/31.4G]

[See image of text.]

User jupyter is default user for this notebook.

Any ideas?

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    Linux has some methods for limiting a users Cpu usage: superuser.com/questions/1112614/…
    – Mokubai
    Apr 26 '21 at 8:55
  • /etc/security/limits.conf is empty (all lines commented out with #), cpulimit not installed, /etc/cgconfig.conf does not exist.
    – Marian
    Apr 26 '21 at 9:13
  • As it was jupyter notebook limitation was set in /lib/systemd/system/jupyter.service :-)
    – Marian
    Apr 27 '21 at 19:27

Adding this for visibility.

The limit is set in


All credit goes to Marian

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