I have recently encountered the error "upcase table is not found" on my SD card formatted with exFAT, after it worked just fine the previous day. No tool I tried on Windows or Linux could fix that issue, even though it seems rather trivial from my investigations.

I know the supposed contents of the upcase table and have successfully changed the UID through hex editing previously.

After making a backup, I inspected the partition in a hex viewer, and what I found where hundreds of entries that looked like an upcase table (between position 0x10000000 and 0x106DFFB on a 400GB SD card in case that is interesting, see example below), almost every single one had some corruption in it though.

corrupted upcase table example

Can I somehow fix that through manual editing?
Do I have to mind checksums or any shenanigans?


Good News! I finally ran hexedit on a dd copy of the partition and simply manually replaced the required bytes of the upcase table from 0x01000000 onwards. In the process I found out that all these seemingly extra upcase tables were simply a continuation with extra bits set.

exfatsck now shows a different error of which I am unsure whether it is related:

ERROR: bad cluster 0 while reading root directory

But testdisk at least shows some files rather than merely erroring out as before. Unfortunately most filenames still look garbled, I'll see if I can also fix that...

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