When I work from home, I usually have to connect to a corporate VPN (with Cisco AnyConnect client app).

I was wondering if there is a way to figure out how to access my home NAS without disconnecting from work VPN – not through the web, but through the home network.

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Set up Anyconnect for Split Tunneling and then you can use your local resources (NAS) while the VPN is connected.

Split Tunnel on Anyconnect

Split tunnelling is a feature that you can use in order to define the traffic for the subnets or hosts that must be encrypted. This involves the configuration of an Access Control List (ACL) that will be associated with this feature. The traffic for the subnets or hosts that is defined on this ACL will be encrypted over the tunnel from the client-end, and the routes for these subnets are installed on the PC routing table.

Complete these steps in order to move from the Tunnel-all configuration to the Split-tunnel configuration:

Navigate to Configuration > Remote Access VPN > Group Policies:

Click Edit, and use the navigation tree in order to navigate to Advanced > Split Tunneling. Uncheck the Inherit check box in the Policy section, and select Tunnel Network List Below from the drop down menu:

Uncheck the Inherit check box in the Network List section, and click Manage in order to select the ACL that specifies the LAN network(s) to which the client needs access:

Click Standard ACL, Add, Add ACL, and then ACL name:

Click Add ACE in order to add the rule:

Click Apply.

Once connected, the routes for the subnets or hosts on the split ACL are added to the routing table of the client machine.

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