While setting mail rules, I want to be able to set them and forget them. But, I have an issue with one particular rule where I am using a before datespan rule.

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I have Before: ticked and specified a date so that if the email was received before that date, it is old and must be deleted.

That's fine, but with a set and forget mindset, I want to stipulate that if the email was received more than 28 days ago, rather than a fixed date, I want it to be deleted.

Is that possible?

I have noticed Outlook Rule - Move mail that is READ and Older than X days but this is for moving emails older than x days, and there is a workaround in the answers but I want to delete.

How to delete a large block of emails in outlook 2016 / outlook 365 provides a server side sweep in the answer rather than a rule, and so I had a look at that and it provides a fixed 10 days. I can't set it to 28 days.

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To create an auto-archiving policy that deletes older emails automatically in Outlook, do the following for each folder you want to clean automatically:

  • In Outlook, right-click on the folder and select Properties
  • Select the AutoArchive tab
  • Select "Archive this folder using these settings"
  • In Clean out items older than, enter the desired amount of days/months/years
  • Select "Permanently delete old items"
  • Click OK to save and close the dialog.

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For more information with screenshots see the article
How to automatically remove older emails from Exchange and Outlook .


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