I have a machine with an ECS K7SEM (V3.0C) and I'm trying to flash the BIOS to the newest version so that I can support an AGP 4X video card that I want to install.

So, first, I formatted a floppy disk (1.44 MB) that I had. Then, from Microsoft's website on how to create a bootable floppy, I copied the NTLDR and NDETECT.COM files from the I386 folder on my Windows XP Pro SP3 disk, and pasted it onto the floppy. Then I created a Boot.ini file with copied/pasted stuff from that same website. Then I just copied the flashing EXE and the ROM corresponding to the new BIOS version.

However, the computer will not boot properly from the floppy and will come up with a Drive A Error... Press F1 to Resume after POST.

How should I properly go about this?

EDIT 1: Just booted it up and the BIOS screen says that the CMOS battery is low as well as something about incorrect memory sizing.


Don't make your own boot disk. Grab a pre-made boot disk and add the files to that.


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