I know I can get the serial number of all listed hard drives by using:

wmic diskdrive list brief

or specifically

wmic diskdrive get serialnumber

And I can get the drive letter from the logical disk:

wmic logicaldisk list brief

or specifically

wmic logicaldisk get deviceid

But how do I correlate the drive letter (logicaldisk DeviceID) with the physical disk ID (diskdrive DeviceID)? I'd like to do this from command line in a batch file if at all possible.


You can find GUID of disk using diskpart:

Start>run>cmd>diskpart>list disk and check for GPT

Start>run>cmd>diskpart>list disk>select disk> uniqueid disk and check for disk ID

You could also use the command mountvol C:/ /L to obtain the GUID of this partition.

  • Thanks. I am trying to automate it. If I provide the drive letter, I want to be able to get the serial number.
    – HTWingNut
    May 5 '21 at 21:32

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