Working in 2 computers in the same version of Office, I realized that the way to connect to an access database from MS Word, for doing what I wanted to do, was using DDE connection. In one computer I have more options when I click on the connect to data source button in the mailmerge toolbar, one of those options is DDE. I was hoping to do some tests and then write some VBA code to cdonnect via DDE to the Access database.

When I go to the other computer, I don't have those options. I have options to connect using Jet OLE DB and other OLE connections and ODBC but not DDE and others.

Did I miss something? The office version is the same, I even have installed the service pack for office and tried installing all extra features but I can¡t seem to find the way to add these options.

The version of office I'm using is Office XP/2002. I know it's quite old but it's for job. I installed all updates.


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