i want validate my cell on basis in below values

For ex :

  1. 12345678 Test Test Tets so beginning of cell always with 8 numeric digits

  2. Test Test Tets (12345678) end of cell always with 8 numeric digits inside brackets

Trying below but it only give the first character numeric or not


enter image description here

  • ISNUMBER(LEFT(A2,8)) will return True if and only if the left hand 8 digits of A2 is a valid number. If there are only two possible cases, this is all you need - all others must be "not number". If you need to explicitly test for 8 digits in brackets as well, because there is a third group of cases which could be neither, you might need to edit your post to make it a bit clearer. – AdamV May 6 at 10:48
  • added image of required output hope it helps – kumar May 6 at 10:57



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