Excel 2016: How to find a specific name in sheet "ASPI" and and get the adjoining cell's value to a cell in sheet "Watchlist"?

I have currently used the method of this formula to get the cell value from one sheet to the other: =ASPI!B80

But since the ASPI is dynamic with the data from the web, the Name of the company changes place when updated via the web.

So I thought that if there is a way for Excel to look up a specific name on ASPI and return the adjoining cell value to Watchlist, it should work.

I have added a link to sample file with just two entries for Watchlist here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Fe1XQGDJWjEkIVgH6dTHAMHFX9xQmvTZ/view?usp=sharing

Will need to download and open in Excel as I don't think Google Drive shows the formula in the cell.


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    Sounds like you'd want VLOOKUP – towe May 6 at 11:12
  • @towe Thanks! Will look it up. – ChinChan May 7 at 3:05

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