You can output the first n hex bytes of a file in Linux with xdd (xdd -ps, etc)

How would one do this on Windows, though? Is there a way?

  • take a look at this Question >>> Extract the first 50 bytes of a file using Powershell - Stack Overflow — stackoverflow.com/questions/60766774/… <<< you can convert the bytes into hex chars fairly directly. – Lee_Dailey May 6 at 15:20
  • the Answer posted by user1686 shows how to do that. – Lee_Dailey May 6 at 17:45

If you want a simple string of hex numbers:

[BitConverter]::ToString((Get-Content $file -Encoding Byte -TotalCount $nbytes))

If you want to get a "traditional" hexdump of a file:

Format-Hex $file

Both found via google.

  • The first example already does that. – user1686 May 6 at 16:29

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