I have an LG smart TV that I would like to block ads for, so I'm trying to block all the URLs mentioned on this site. This seems to be easy to do by following TPLink's instructions for using Access Control to block websites. However, the interface for the AX1800 looks different than what I can find instructions for and despite all my searching, I can't find how to do it. I read through the Access Control portion of the AX1800 user guide and it looks like this refers to blocking devices, not websites. Is it possible that they have removed this feature, or am I just missing it?


The AX1800 WiFi 6 Router manual specifies on page 43 how to "Use keywords to block Internet sites":

  • Enter the config at ADVANCED > Security > Block Sites
  • Set blocking option to Always
  • In "Type keyword or domain name here" field, enter the domain to block. For example the first on the list: config.samsungads.com
  • Click "Add Keyword"
  • Click Apply
  • Continue for all the other addresses.

(Note: I have been using a Samsung SmartTV for years, and I never saw a single ad.)

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