I originally had a dell laptop with an SSD running windows 10 pro. I build a desktop gaming computer and transferred the SSD, so I wouldn't have to deal with transferring files and everything else. It automatically installed drivers. This seemed to work at the time, but lately, my computer has been slow and glitchy. My computer is full of driver problems and extra junk programs. I want to factory reset windows to remove all the extra programs and fix all the driver issues.

I don't want to lose any of my Documents, Desktop, Photos, and Music files. I also have some Steam and "EpicGames" games that are installed on the second, F:, hard drive. I don't want to lose any of the progress in these games.

I plan on copying all the files to the F: drive, keeping the games on it, unplugging it, reinstalling windows, then reconnecting it.

My actual question is: Will the games that were installed on the F: drive be ok when I reconnect it after reinstalling windows? When I reinstall Steam (and epic games) will it automatically recognize the games, or will they not work?

Also, does anyone have a smarter way of doing this?



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