I use Windows 10 hp elitebook workstation My laptop went black for some time then i hit Winkey+B and then now my capslock light is blinking,though my system is on but the monitor's aren't displaying anything

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    Have you read this? Have you tried a hard power off (keeping the power button pressed for ~10 seconds) and restart? Was Windows running when your screen went black? – StarCat May 9 at 21:06
  • I have an old Thinkpad whose display went dark one day. Nothing was displayed, not even the BIOS interface. Other than that, it was still functional, and I could use it with an external monitor. Later, I opened it up to use its DVD drive in a different laptop (and failed, as the drives' formats were not compatible). After putting the Thinkpad back together, the display worked again. I suspect a loose contact somewhere. – berndbausch May 10 at 7:23

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