My PPTP server allows my laptop to resolve internal domain names fine and I can see that the DHCP server is handing my PPTP client the proper DHCP settings.

When I connect through the iPhone, I don't seem to be able to resolve domain names. When I have "Send All Traffic" turned ON in the VPN config, I cannot resolve internal or external DNS. I can access servers through an IP address fine. When I set "Send ALl Traffic" to OFF, I can resolve external domains through my local Wi-Fi assigned DNS servers. When I go to the Wi-Fi connection and force it to use my VPN DNS server, it finally works!

Obviously, this makes using my VPN a multi-step process: 1) Connect to VPN 2) change Wi-Fi DNS server

How can this problem be fixed?


I found the same problem, it looks like a bug on iPhone's handling of PPTP. It works if you configure PPTP to assign DNS servers which are globally reachable (eg: Google's, but not if the DNS are within the VPN themselves.

A workaround is to setup an address like, and then intercept and redirect the traffic on the server side (in my case, with iptables).


Have you set the correct DNS setting in the PPTP server? PPTP servers, as far as I know, should be supplying DNS server detail to the client.

Please supply more information e.g. what pptp server are you running?

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