I struggle with the following two instructions mentioned on on this blog post for Windows Media Player 12 shows wrong cover art when playing

Then (separately, else you won't get the Security tab) bring up each one's properties in Explorer, and drill down to the access control list for Everybody (you might need to add one).

Well, I don't see "Everybody", how can I add this "Everybody" option?

Now in the ACL windows, tick to Deny Write for these files

Which options do I have to tick exactly? There are quite many options available (Full access, Change, Read, Run, ...)

  • Does MediaPlayer really modifies the files or does it simply shows the wrong cover? – Robert May 14 at 16:22
  • It actually DOES modify and create new hidden files, I checked - it's hilarious that this huge bug never got fixed in the first place... – Cyman May 14 at 22:21
  • Windows Media Player is ancient and outdated software that's not developed any more. You would do better to uninstall it and use better software such as VLC. See link. – harrymc May 15 at 19:27
  • VLC looks ugly, even with skins, that's why WMP is still my first choice – Cyman May 17 at 10:43

If you don't see the Everybody user, you will need to add it yourself: click Add and then type Everybody in the text field. Note that if you're running a non-English version of Windows, you will need to actually enter the translation of Everybody to the language of your system. Next, click Check Names. If the text that you entered becomes underlined then that means that it was recognized and you can click OK.

As for which options to tick, simply ticking the Write option under the Deny heading should do the trick. You can verify your changes by opening the file in WordPad (not Notepad), entering some text and trying to save. Saving should fail with an access denied error.

  • The German word for the Everybody Group is Jeder – Cyman Jul 1 at 17:46

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