So I got a new PC, but the old one had it so I had to force my cursor between monitors or it'd get stuck. I got me new PC and now it doesn't. I actually miss having to force my cursor through and was wondering how to turn it back on.

I have four monitors, but it did it with two before too. All four monitors are in a perfect sqaure but for some reason when I got my new pc it stopped. I looked up all kinds of things, and messed with the display settings a lot, but nothing changed. Does anyone know how to change this?


There are two ways you can acheive this:

  1. Adjust the monitor position in Windows display settings(rectangles representing your monitors) so they are not exactly horizontally aligned; that way you will not be able to seamlessly move the cursor between them.

  2. Install DisplayFusion; from there you can assign a shortcut to lock/unlock the mouse on specific monitor AND/OR move between them.

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