I am not familiar with programming or something, but I have found a strange file in AppData>Roaming called vtivhwvr.exe Is it a virus?? I am also can't delete it and having strange CPU activity, it is loads to 5-7% in idle (later it was 1-2% in idle)

enter image description here

enter image description here

  • Looks like one. What do you mean by "I can't delete it"? – gronostaj May 19 at 7:39

In my personal opinion that looks like a randomly generated .exe name so a general lookup about the executable is useless. I would recommend that you use malewarebytes on a trial just to do an initial scan and pick up what signature it is and give that pc a good clean. Chances are that the exe has run and there is a whole bunch of things injected everywhere already, so deleting is useless.

Sorry wanted to comment.

  • As you note, this is not an "Answer" as such but a comment. I know, you can't comment without more reputation points. – Charles Kenyon May 19 at 18:45
  • Was just trying to help. – beta med May 20 at 5:51
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    This is kinda the reason I shy away from platforms like this. Everybody seems to be so self righteous about how the platform works and not about helping a person out. All I am trying to do is give back to a community in any way I can. – beta med May 20 at 5:54

You couldn't know exactly what this file is really is because it can be generated by a service that you installed, so, i think the easy way to be sure is to upload it to Virustotal.com, any.run or hybrid-analysis.com, virus total will match the hash with different AV and the other two will run it into a sandbox environment and based on its behavior they will give you a resolution and you can see what this file is really does in your system. If you enabled the Windows logs security, I can help you and analyse them.

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