2 weeks ago I started having occasional very high ping (2-7 seconds) in games. After investigating I found out that it's not just certain game servers, but internet in general. Then I thought that it's the ISP fault, but other notebooks and phones don't have these issues. And interference/distance don't seem to be the source of the problem either because my phone lying next to notebook has no problems with internet.

The visual identificator of signal strength in the taskbar shows 3/3 or 2/3 bars which is fine. When the issue doesn't happen I have normal (for me) 60-80 ping and internet speed.

What I tried (everything had no effect):

  • Manual disconnect/reconnect to WiFi router
  • Turning off WiFi on a phone to make sure it's not interfering
  • Moving notebook closer to the router
  • Installing new WiFi drivers
  • Windows 10 "Network troubleshooter"

What I can't try to check or use as a solution:

  • Connect to the router via cable (lack of cable)

Separately from the issue above my notebook sometimes loses WiFi completely - it disconnects, can't find the router in the WiFi list, several seconds later it finds the router again and everything is fine in terms of speed and ping.

OS: Windows 10

Notebook: ASUS K556UR

Notebook WiFi adapter: Qualcomm Atheros QCA9377

Is my WiFi adapter dying? Or is it the router somehow giving my notebook lower priority? How to check to be sure? What can be done?

I can provide additional information (tracert, tests etc.) on request.

  • It is most likely the wifi adapter itself giving out, as you've installed the latest drivers and no other devices seem to have the same issue. You could try booting from a live linux usb/cd and see if the same issue pops up. If so, its almost certainly the adapter in the laptop.
    – Silbee
    May 21 at 7:39

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