Having finally decided to try working standing up during lockdown, I invested in a bluetooth keyboard and mouse (a trackball actually). My computer is a pretty decent custom built Windows 10 PC and the bluetooth connection comes from a dedicated PCI-E card.

The trouble is that both these devices simultaneously and regularly (but randomly) disconnect themselves (from a few minutes to a few hours apart). They reconnect as soon as I open the Windows 10 Bluetooth settings page (I kept my USB keyboard and mouse plugged in). I occasionnally used Bluetooth headphones before and I never noticed this behavior. The only difference I can spot is that both the keyboard and the mouse seem to be Low Energy devices, but I don't know what to make of that.

This is pretty disturbing, especially during focused work... Any pointers?

  • NB: I have tried and purposefully listened to my bluetooth headphones while using said keyboard and mouse for the last ~90' and no disconnection occurred... – Mac May 23 at 8:34

Check Power Saving setting

enter link description here

  • Sleep and hibernation are disabled for this computer, and disconnection occurs when I am using the computer. Furthermore there is no Power Mangement tab on these devices in the Device Manager. – Mac May 23 at 8:28

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