so, how can I export the WHOLE 'about:config' from firefox into plain text file. Screenshot would be good enough although text file is preferred.

My favorite firefox extention sceengrab cannot handle it.

Please note that I am on Mac and I cannot find 'prefs.js' file.

  • I found it here /Users/radek/Library/Application Support/Firefox/Profiles/h2it03j8.default/prefs.js
    – Radek
    Jul 19, 2010 at 5:45

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Assuming you want your preferences on another computer you can just export the prefs.js file. I'll keep looking in case there is a specific reason you need a text file, although technically a .js is a text file of sorts. This should clue you in as to where prefs.js is on a Mac.


If you click "Show All", you will see the full list of settings.

Since this is just an HTML table, you use right click -> "Select All" and then copy and paste them into a spreadsheet or text editor. This is essentially the same as exporting it as a tab-separate value (TSV) file.


I have create an autoit script to automatic export the configuration content and compare with python. Check the article and scripts from my blog http://www.shangerxin.com/?p=262

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