I am trying to see if a specific folder exists as a sub folder in a certain path.

Assume a path given in a variable InputPath and a relative path given RelPath.  How can I write a block to look if a given folder name (given by a variable FolderName) exists in that path?

In that path means that if I do dir in the path InputPath\RelPath, I want to check if FolderName is one of the folders listed.

I know dir /d can list only directories, but I don't know how to search that list.

To make an example by a batch file:

@echo off

SET INPUT_PATH="D:\SomeFolder\OtherFolder\RandomFolder\"
SET REL_PATH="..\FunnyFolder"
SET FOLDER_NAME="SearchMeFolder"

goto IsFolder

:: Need to fetch all sub folder and check for existence
:: If exist, set FOLDER_EXIST to True, else False
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Batch file programming is messy.  I can’t find any one solution that works perfectly.  But this three-pronged approach seems to work:


:: Assume/anticipate failure
set "FOLDER_EXIST=False"

cd /d "%INPUT_PATH%\%REL_PATH%" 2> nul  &&  (
    if exist  %FOLDER_NAME%\    set "FOLDER_EXIST=True"
    if exist "%FOLDER_NAME%\"   set "FOLDER_EXIST=True"
    cd %FOLDER_NAME% 2> nul &&  set "FOLDER_EXIST=True"
cd /d %CURR_PATH%

Note that the if statements are testing the (candidate) folder name followed by a \.  For example,

    if exist C:\Windows\debug
    if exist C:\Windows\debug\


    if exist C:\Windows\notepad.exe

should all succeed, but

    if exist C:\Windows\notepad.exe\

should fail, because C:\Windows\notepad.exe is not a folder.

    if exist  %FOLDER_NAME%\    set "FOLDER_EXIST=True"

will fail if %FOLDER_NAME% contains space(s) and is not quoted; e.g., set "FOLDER_NAME=Program Files".

    if exist "%FOLDER_NAME%\"   set "FOLDER_EXIST=True"

will fail if %FOLDER_NAME% contains space(s) and is quoted; e.g., set FOLDER_NAME="Program Files".  And

    cd %FOLDER_NAME% 2> nul &&  set "FOLDER_EXIST=True"

will fail if you don’t have permission to cd into %FOLDER_NAME%.


One line version using operator && or || if exist/not exist:

>nul 2>&1 pushd "%cd%\my_Folder" &&(popd & set "Bool=True")|| set "Bool=False"

set Bool & echo=%Bool%

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