Running small network ("office" workgroup) with all machines on fixed IP. About 8 win7 machines both 32bit & 64bit. All can see each other and share files EXCEPT one win7 32bit mc.

Added a win10 64bit laptop and this will see and access all the other machines, One win 7 machine will see and access all machines except the new laptop (lets call it "BIGLAPTOP").

Ping returns response. NBTstat with Name LAPTOP1 and also the IP address sees the laptop. Hosts, LMhosts, stacks, netbios etc cleared and reset. BIGLAPTOP SHOWS IN NETWORK CONNECTIONS but on clicking says "network path not found". right click and select remote desktop connects perfectly! But not directly. Ditto if name or IP is put in an explorer bar. Firewall turned of to test Comodo). master browser reset. Checked subnet setting everywhere all Ok. Turned everything off network except the laptop and the dodgy PC - no change. Restored old registry from before laptop purchased - no change.

Any clues please - must be within the win7 install, but no way reinstalling as will take weeks with the specialist stuff I have for programming.

              NetBIOS Remote Cache Name Table

    Name              Type       Host Address    Life [sec]
BIGLAPTOP      <20>  UNIQUE       287
BIGLAPTOP      <00>  UNIQUE       287

C:\Users\Administrator>nbtstat /r

NetBIOS Names Resolution and Registration Statistics

Resolved By Broadcast     = 3
Resolved By Name Server   = 0

Registered By Broadcast   = 6
Registered By Name Server = 0

NetBIOS Names Resolved By Broadcast

       BIGLAPTOP      <00>
       STORAGE        <00>
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    Windows 7 is long out of support and should not be used any more. Browsing is not 100% reliable. Try mapping a drive on the problem PC and see if that works. NET USE T: \\\folder . Try running TCP/IP Reset on the problem computer. Open cmd.exe with Run as Administrator (1) netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt (2) ipconfig /flushdns (3) restart the computer
    – John
    May 30 at 14:22
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    Are you using a Microsoft account for the Windows 10 computer?
    – harrymc
    May 30 at 14:56

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