I had this problem for a long time but didn't really went deep into because of a temp issue linked to intel speedstep (+50°c idle). Now that I have good temperature displayed in the bios (only 2 cores are displayed though). I would like to understand my lm-sensors reading on my workstation Fujitsu Celsius W550 (linux mint 20.1 Ulyssa xfce - kernel 5.8.0-53-generic) :

enter image description here

Core 3 is always around 20°C superior to others, In my bios, I have only 2 cores (for a 4 core cpu) temperature reported that display temperature around 25°C, so my question is : do I have a motherboard sensor issue or is the motherboard just reporting die temp ? If it's not a MB issue, is lm-sensors not mixing core 3 with socket temp since apparently cores temp are not reported properly by the motherboard (but die is ?)?

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