Since updating my computer to the latest version of Windows10 (not sure if this is relevant), at random but frequent intervals my mouse, keyboard, and headphones (bluetooth) will disconnect at the same time and then in about 5-10 seconds reconnect automatically (though sometimes the headphones won't reconnect automatically). I have a USB connected logitech mouse and keyboard but Sony bluetooth headphones, so I don't think it's a company or driver issue. I can tell it stops working at the same time because if I'm playing a game, I won't be able to change my movement, the light of the logitech mouse turns off, and won't be able to hear anything. I've turned off the settings that allow power saving for the USB ports so far but I'm wondering if it's a windows issue. I'm not very knowledgeable about computers so I'm a bit lost as to what to do next. If anyone has any potential solutions, I'd be most appreciative!

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    Update the Windows Bluetooth Driver. I suggest you get the PC manufacturer's Driver Update app and update ALL drivers. Start there.
    – John
    Jun 1 at 23:08

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