I recently purchased a GT 710, after plugging it in my computer, i got a black screen but after checking out a youtube tutorial i was able to resolve the issue. The BIOS now detects two graphic cards, it says Intel HD graphics and Nvidia HD Graphics. Windows does not detect the Nvidia Graphic card after booting.

I got a video signal out of the Afox GT 710 graphic card via VGA, and it is where am typing this. Now how do i make windows detect this hardware? I have already enabled the card in BIOS.

  • If you're getting output, then Windows is detecting it. What's in the Device Manager? A screenshot with display adapters expanded would be ideal. – gronostaj Jun 2 at 11:07
  • @gronostaj, it only shows Microsoft Basic Display adapter – CodeTiger Jun 2 at 11:09
  • okay, but i have enabled multiple display when am using a single monitor in the BIOS video settings. Can that be the cause? – CodeTiger Jun 2 at 11:41
  • imgur.com/JJ3CrIX – CodeTiger Jun 2 at 11:45
  • Give us the VEN_ and DEV_ of the Microsoft Basic Display Adapter. Properties, then Details and Hardware IDs. – gronostaj Jun 2 at 11:47

That "Microsoft Basic Display Adapter" is your GT 710. The VEN & DEV match that model. Windows gives it a generic name because it's using a generic driver.

Windows Update should pick up drivers for that GPU automatically. Press Check for updates and let it do its job.

if you insist on downloading the drivers manually from NVIDIA's driver download website. The latest driver is the 466.47 release from May 18.

  • what about the part where the driver says no nVidia hardware found? – CodeTiger Jun 2 at 12:59
  • I dont think so because in BIOS, Its been identified as nVidia HD Grpahics alongside the intel HD graphics. Windows should use the same name it picked from BIOS like the intel HD graphics – CodeTiger Jun 2 at 13:01
  • I don't know which driver you were installing. Did you try the one I linked? How about Windows Update? Your assumption that Windows copies the name from BIOS is incorrect. The adapter name is determined by the driver. It happens to match for HD Graphics because you have the right driver installed for it, but not for 710 because it's currently using the generic driver. – gronostaj Jun 2 at 13:06
  • when a driver is scanning for hardware, does it check the BIOS or the system? – CodeTiger Jun 2 at 13:09
  • I'm not exactly sure about this, but I think Windows is copying it from the INF file when installing the driver based on VEN and DEV identifiers. Anyway, it doesn't have to match anything. In particular it can be completely different from what BIOS reports. – gronostaj Jun 2 at 13:15

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