I have Keenetic Ultra AP/router and Devolo Magic WiFi 2 extender in another room, they are connected by powerline. I want to setup Fast Transition (802.11r) between them. In the Keenetic settings I can see that it wants Mobility domain ID and Mobility domain key, I'm aware that MD ID, MD key, SSID, password, and security method should match for FT to work properly between devices. However, I'm unable to set MD ID and key for Devolo device, its interface only has a checkbox to enable 802.11r without any additional input fields. I think that MD ID and key are somehow hardcoded into firmware of the Devolo device.

Is it possible to obtain MD ID and/or key from the network packets if I connect my computer to Devolo device? Are MD ID and/or key even broadcasted?

Keenetic configuration interface

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