I have received the following info about my active directory server 2016:

Detected potentially malicious process activity ('UAC Bypass ‑ Trusted Folder Abuse ') on your host #ADservername# by leveraging Red Cloak threat intelligence within the context of Windows process creation (WID 4688) logs.

Summary: UAC Bypass ‑ Trusted Folder Abuse (WID 4688: credwiz.exe) by "user account name here" on ADserverName\ServerIP

Kindly help me understand what this implies and what steps I should take.

Notes: This user does not sign out from the server and only "disconnects" and had recently (5 days ago) changed his password. Can this cause such an incident ?


The computer seems to be infected with a virus.

The UAC bypass through Trusted Folder abuse is a method for tricking Windows into running programs with Administrator permissions, by using a blank-terminated Windows \System32 folder.

The program doing it is named credwiz.exe. The name is legit, but the program may not be the one that is part of Windows.

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