I installed fresh Window 10, Now I want to Edit the Environment variable

The first issue I am facing is When I open the Environment variable there is no PATH variable in the User variables List you can see in this Image

The second issue I faced is When I clicked on Edit for any variable it Open Edit user variable UnExpectedImage Instead of Edit environment Variable ExpectedImage

Need guidance how to add Path variable now and how to Edit it properly

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    That is all how it is supposed to work ... – DavidPostill Jun 10 at 21:00
  • @DavidPostill but it's not working with me I attached images also – Rax Jun 10 at 21:01
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    Did you highlight Path in the second section and edit that? – John Jun 10 at 21:01
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    Or click new in the first image and add a user path? – DavidPostill Jun 10 at 21:03
  • @DavidPostill Ok that is done But the second issue is still I am facing – Rax Jun 10 at 21:04

You should be able to just specify the variable name PATH in the user vars, and separate the values by semicolons ; and it should pick it up after you restart the computer. If it doesn't, you can try to restore the path variable the proper way.

The reason you're seeing the unexpected dialog is because the original/official PATH var was deleted and Windows just things you're adding adding a custom variable. Go ahead and add several directories to the PATH var and restart. It should detect it and act as expected, but.... If you just installed Windows fresh, I recommend reinstalling again because if the PATH var is mising, who knows what else may be wrong.

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