When I right-click on an application in the task bar and select something from the MRU, the application will open as expected on top of other windows, but if I try to type, nothing happens - the application does not have focus. If I press ALT+TAB, the application that just launched shows up as the last item in the list. Pressing ALT+SHIFT+TAB from here will highlight it and releasing ALT+TAB will give it focus.

This does NOT happen when I:

  • left-click on a pinned icon in the task bar that is not running (to open it for the first time)
  • middle-click the task bar icon to open a new instance of the application
  • right-click the icon and select the application from the pop-up menu (e.g. right-click Edge, then click "Microsoft Edge", just above the "Pin/Unpin from taskbar"

This DOES happen when I:

  • right-click the icon and select something from the MRU, whether the app is already running or not
  • right-click the icon and select a "Task" item (e.g. "New InPrivate window" for Edge)

I have tried updating my graphics card driver, and un-pinning/re-pinning some of the applications, but no change in behavior. This started a few months ago. I don't have any idea of how to debug this or anything else to test to try to narrow down the cause. Any ideas?

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