Hi guys total AutoHotkey newbie here, I was wondering if any experts could help me with a quick script?

I would like Left Shift & up arrow key to type the question mark key "?"

And Left Shift & down arrow to the "/" key.

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Escape Sequences says

When the Send command or Hotstrings are used in their default (non-raw) mode, characters such as {}^!+# have special meaning. To use them literally in these cases, enclose them in braces.

Other characters such as %;` must be escaped.

LShift + Up arrow
<+Up:: Send {?}

or use the Raw mode

<+Up:: Send {Raw}?

or the Text mode (recommended):

<+Up:: Send {Text}?

I would like Left Shift + to type the ? key and Left Shift + to the / key.

ex. arrow_key_hotkeys.ahk

; Left Shift + Arrow Key UP and Left Shift + Arrow Key DOWN.

<+Up:: Send ?
<+Down:: Send /


  • <+ means Left Shift
  • Up and Down are the names for the UP ( ) and DOWN ( ) arrow keys.


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