For some reason i have TurboC compiler (Dos version). I believe both the TurboC executable and the C programs compiled into executables are 16 bit versions. I have a Windows7 system. Would like to know -

1] Will the TurboC executable work on x64 Windows7.

2] Would the executables obtained by compiling C code in TurboC be able to execute on x64 Windows7?

3]Setting what option in the "Compatibility" setting of that *.exe properties would enable that 16 bit code above to run properly,or something more is needed?

Thank You.



I don't believe you can run 16bit programs on windows 7 64 bit directly, but you might be able to run it in a dos emulator or in windows XP mode. Some of the answers to this question indicate that you might be able to do what you want in XP mode, if your version of windows 7 supports it.

See this question and its answers for why the 64 bit os can't run 16 bit programs

  • Get DOSBOX and everything will be fine. – pjc50 Sep 8 '10 at 14:56

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