I have an HP Omen laptop with i7 10750h cpu. I was using it with undervolt for about 6 months and I was pretty satisfied with temps and performance. Yesterday after a couple of hours of gaming, my cpu clocks jumped down under 1 ghz and pc was working so slow. I restarted a couple times and disabled throttlestop. This fixed the low clocks but still it is not as it should. Still my cpu clock seems to be decreased. It used to run around 4.5 ghz on idle but now it cant pass 4 ghz. Right now no throttlestop or XTU activated, its all stock.

edit: Its now even worse, cannot pass 1.5 ghz at all.

  • Check your heatsink and fan are properly applied. Replace thermal material if necessary. Your laptop should have a service manual that tells you how to disassemble, clean and potentially replace parts. – Mokubai Jun 13 at 9:22

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