I have around 50 secret Keys on my Old Server and I have been running script to decrypt the file

c:\gnupg\gpg.exe --passphrase-fd 0 --decrypt --quiet --batch --output "xx.txt" "xx.txt.pgp" I want to start doing this on another server, so I would need to export the private Key to the new Server. Question is that when I run the above command on my old server, it decrypts the file using a private key in those 50 keys, I want to know which private key is that one. How to do this

so I can get the list

c:\gnupg\gpg.exe --list-secret-keys and I can import the Key from there, but I want to find out which key to export. Any help

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Use --list-packets:

 gpg.exe --list-packets file.gpg


 gpg: encrypted with 3072-bit RSA key, ID 1234567890ABCDEF, created 2021-06-17
  "john <john.smith@example.domain>"

With that e-mail or its ID you may then get the correct key:

 gpg.exe --list-key 1234567890ABCDEF
 gpg.exe --list-key john.smith@example.domain

The above example does not decrypt, but rather only shows information on how it was encrypted.

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