Can't find shutdown applet on the panel or in the dropdown box on my Ubuntu 10.04.

Currently I'm using the following command to power off my PC. sudo poweroff I want to have my applet back.

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Adding the Indicator Applet back to the panel is the "right" solution, however if for some reason that doesn't work for you, this blog post describes how to create your own shutdown, reboot & hibernate with one click applet.

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Right-click a blank area of the panel and click "Add to panel."

Then drag the "Indicator Applet Sessions" item to the panel.

  • there is no shutdown applet in drop down box of panel that what is the problem – j douma Jul 21 '10 at 6:28
  • @j douma - Did you delete some packages? Did you use the official install disc? – Shiki Jul 21 '10 at 15:34
  • Indicator Applet is logout/shutdown/switch-user etc all in one. However "shutdown" and "logout" should be amoung the available applets as well. If they are missing you might try reinstalling ubuntu-desktop package – matt wilkie Jul 21 '10 at 15:49

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