I'm not sure if sip general parameter (such as rtptimeout) is set. There is no mention of it in /etc/asterisk/sip.conf. But may be it is set somewhere else (in include files, for example). How do I check current active value of such parameter in runtime (maybe using CLI)?


You can use something like this:

[root@pro-sip ~]# asterisk -rx "sip show settings"|grep rtp -i
  Direct RTP setup:       No
  IP ToS RTP audio:       CS0
  IP ToS RTP video:       CS0
  IP ToS RTP text:        CS0
  802.1p CoS RTP audio:   5
  802.1p CoS RTP video:   6
  802.1p CoS RTP text:    5
  Symmetric RTP:          No
  RTP Keepalive:          5 
  RTP Timeout:            0 (Disabled)
  RTP Hold Timeout:       0 (Disabled)

Or this

grep -i rtp /etc/asterisk/*
  • Brilliant. Thanks!
    – Roman
    Jul 5 at 4:34

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