I want to force a webcam to only use a specific resolution.

  • Discord and facebook etc seem to default to maximum resolution, and I want to stop this behaviour in preference to lower resolution and higher framerate...by default , for all applications.
  • BUT I would prefer to retain the original /dev/video0 as well as create a new resolution-limited /dev/video1 (and I understand modprobe v4l2loopback)


  • Has these controls, but either I misunderstand the 'permanence' of it's settings, or applications like discord ignore them.


  • I can work this to pipe into a second /dev/video (which is ideal) but I dont understand the syntax to, or even if i can feed v4l2 parameters into it.
  • Remember: I do not want to crop a video feed, i want to specify the cameras output resolution.
  • ffmpeg method is not ideal, as I would either need to have the camera always reading video, or start it specifically for video broadcast.


  • This seems like it might be the solution, but I'd prefer to create a second /dev/videoX rather than limit the resolution on the primary one.

Suggestions please.

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