for some unknown reasons when I play an online video on youtube or Facebook, the area where the video plays got damaged: Example

Gif example: gifyu.com/image/Bpnh Sometimes this damage running for just a 5 sec or 10 or maybe in some parts. The problem is not from the source because I try to open the same videos on another machine and there was no problem.

Can anyone tell me how to fix that or what's the problem?!

  • Is the screenshot show showing the complete screen or just the area where the video plays?
    – Robert
    Jul 7 at 8:02
  • just the area where the video plays
    – Anan
    Jul 7 at 8:20
  • 1
    Then it is most likely an incompatibility of the used video hardware decoder and the video. Update your drivers for the graphic card. Or it is a hardware defect of the graphic card.
    – Robert
    Jul 7 at 8:30
  • already updated the drivers for the graphic card, but when I download the same video, it works locally, the problem only when playing online videos
    – Anan
    Jul 7 at 8:35
  • here is example : gifyu.com/image/Bpnh
    – Anan
    Jul 7 at 8:36

The problem was solved by disabling in Chrome the option of "Use hardware acceleration when available". This is found in Settings > Advanced > System.

This is a common problem with Chrome, for which no clear explanation was ever given.

It's possible that Chrome has a bug with using some GPUs. It's equally possible that Chrome is wrongly analyzing the type of the GPU and is trying to drive the wrong one.

Whatever the explanation, at least the solution is known: To disable Chrome from using the GPU.

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