I used to be able to drag a file to a folder shortcut, and it would make a copy of the file in the folder pointed to by the shortcut, but now that no longer works.

How can I get that behavior back?

Instead, what happens now is that if I drag a file and drop it on the folder shortcut, it makes a copy of that file within the same directory where it is already located.

If I hold down Ctrl or Alt, those have their usual effects only within the current folder. It doesn't change any interaction with the remote folder.

How do I tell Windows that when I drag a file on top of a shortcut to a folder, I want a copy in that folder that is the target of the shortcut?

  • Not my experience: Dragging while holding down Ctrl or Alt works as expected. Test if the problem still persists when booting in Safe mode.
    – harrymc
    Jul 20 at 16:15

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