So, at work we have dozens of CBT courses that we are required to take. Some are annual requirements but most are "one and done" requirements. I'm making a spreadsheet and want to put the letter X in the column for each person that the training is required (to make things more complicated, some training isn't required for everyone, so I want to put N/A for those or simply leave them blank). I want these letter X's to show up as red. I can do that with a simple conditional format.

Now, when someone completes a course, I want to put the date in the cell and make the sheet change it to green. NOTE: THERE IS NO EXPIRATION DATE FOR THIS. Everything I google tells me how to change this for various expiration dates. I want the sheet not to care what date is put in. I can put in July 4, 1776 and it should be the same green cell as today.

For the annual ones, I would like the same thing but I want the X to be red and once a date is in it's green until a year from that date, in which case, it too turns red again.

Any help would be appreciated.

Edited to add screenshot: screen pic

pic of cell format

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  • To clarify, you want to turn red when a cell contains "X" and turn green when that same cell contains a date? (As opposed to putting the date somewhere else and the "X" turns green based on that other cell.) – Engineer Toast Jul 21 at 15:40
  • Correct. Although, ideally I would have a master sheet with all the required crew positions and corresponding training and then a current crew list which would populate that somehow, but I think that's beyond what I can do. My plan is to do what you describe and then just copy and paste that tab on a monthly basis. This is what I've done on other jobs I've been on. – Banjoclan Jul 21 at 15:46

Please check if the following formula is helpful to you.


enter image description here


You can add a second conditional format. I used a formula =ISNUMBER(A1). The A1 reference should be the top-left cell in the "Applies to" range. Note that ISNUMBER returns true for any number, not just dates. Given your use case, though, you expect cells to be one of: X, N/A, blank, or a date. These two conditional formats in the screenshot below will work for that use case.

enter image description here

Updated per OP's update:

This part of the Conditional Formatting Rules Manager screenshot indicates that there is a problem with your formula:


This can happen if the cell you're originally referencing was deleted. (It probably happens due to other reasons, too, but that's the one I encounter most often.) You need to edit that rule and fix the formula. Since your "Applies to" range is =$C$2:$P$32, you need to edit the formula to refer to the top-left cell in that range: C2. Note that you should make this a relative range (C2) and not an absolute range ($C$2). If you use an absolute range, it will evaluate every cell in the "Applies to" range based on the content in C2 instead of the content in that particular cell.

  • OK, so I got the red highlight to work but the date part isn't turning anything green. – Banjoclan Jul 21 at 16:45
  • @Banjoclan Could you update your question with a screenshot of how far you've gotten? – Engineer Toast Jul 21 at 17:19
  • I added a screenshot to the original question. I don't think I can add it directly to the answers. – Banjoclan Jul 21 at 19:02

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