I have been provided with a set of 9 RGB HEX color code that I will have to use for each slice of a pie chart in MS-Excel.

RGB HEX color code

I will have to fill up this chart with each of these codes (in no particular order).

Pie Chart

Now in MS-Excel we can individually select one slice in the chart and change the color based on the HEX codes that I have been provided.

Instead of individually selecting a slice and changing the color one at a time, is it possible to change the colors of all the 9 slices in the chart as per the above 9 HEX color codes?

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    Please don't. Use a bar chart and a single colour (unless you need to call attention to one specific bar in which case make that bolder eg orange vs yellow or dark blue vs mid blue.) Almost no-one has a working memory that will handle 9 arbitrary colours which means everyone will spend more time looking from the chart to the legend and back than actually thinking about the data. A bar chart with direct labels requires none of this effort and lets pre-attentive processing get to work.
    – AdamV
    Jul 22, 2021 at 11:45

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See the Microsoft article Save a custom chart as a template. After reading it, do the following:

  • Create a dummy chart with 9 series
  • Assign your colors to the chart
  • Right-click the chart and select "Save as Template"
  • Give the template a name and Save

To apply the template to a new chart:

  • Right-click and select "Change Chart Type"
  • Click "Templates" folder
  • Select your template.

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