I wanted to ask you if there is a way to perform a count by applying formulas directly, without having to resort to the filter option, through the COUNTIF or COUNTIFS function.

From two criteria found in column A ("ENROLLED"; "ENROLLED -ACADEMICALLY COMPLETED"), I would like to know how many of them meet the "Paid" criteria found in Column C


I appreciate your collaboration

Psdt: I am using Office 365 version

In the attached link, you will find the book with the data of the example shown in the image.



Yes, this is possible. The following formula will return the number of "enrolled" + "enrolled-academically completed" that meet the "paid" criteria.

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    Dear, thank you very much for your valuable collaboration, it has been very useful for me. A big hug – Camila Sanchez Jul 22 at 16:40

You may also use Sumproduct function.


enter image description here

  • Appreciated @Emily, thank you for your contribution, your help has been very useful. A big hug from afar – Camila Sanchez Jul 22 at 16:42

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